Story time: A Culinary Homage to My Guizhou Roots

Hey there, Spice Seekers!

Pull up a seat and let's share a story, as warm and inviting as the flavors we love. GUIZ is so much more than just a name on a jar. It's a heartfelt nod to the rich, authentic chili crisp oil that seasoned my childhood in Guizhou. It's like a cherished memory, a friendly nod to those days filled with genuine, home-cooked tastes.

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Imagine a little me, wide-eyed, splashing local chili crisp on everything (and I mean everything). It was my ketchup, my secret sauce—heck, it was my everything sauce. Why did it taste so darn good? That question followed me like the aroma of simmering chilies.

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Cooking became my playground, and recipes were merely suggestions. I was that rebel with a spatula, always adding a twist, making every dish a bit of an adventure. Fast-forward to my PhD years, buried in books and experiments, and what I missed most wasn't just the thrill of those carefree days—it was the spice. The bold, beautiful spice of Guizhou that made even a simple bowl of noodles sing.

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And then there’s my other half, the once spice-shy guy. Our travels to Guizhou were a game-changer. He went from a ‘no-heat-please’ to a ‘bring-it-on’ chili champ. Witnessing his spice conversion? Priceless.

Together, we started GUIZ. Not just because we adore the stuff, but because we believe in the power of a good jar of chili crisp to turn "meh" into "more, please!" So here we are, sharing our passion project with you. It’s the dollop of zest for your feast, the secret weapon for your kitchen, and the kick that every meal deserves.

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So dive in, give it a shake, and join us on this spicy journey. From our hearts to your home, GUIZ is here to spice up your life, one jar at a time. Because let's be real—life’s too short for bland food.Stay bold and stay spicy,

Daisy & Nate